Why should we use MYOB Accounting Software?

MYOB or (Mind Your Own Business) is a computerised accounting package that gives you the ability to handle your business finances like a professional. The benefits are many and once you use the program correctly you should start reaping them immediately.

1. MYOB is easy to use

MYOB is designed to do the way you work. No more worries on working with debits and credits again, because MYOB does all the accounting double entries for you automatically. All records are updated instantly and accurately.

2. MYOB is powerful yet affordable

MYOB is a complete accounting package that offers all the essential accounting tools such as integrated accounts, banking, sales, purchases, inventory, contact management and over 170 powerful reporting (can be exported to Excel). It also offers multi-currency capability in addition to these basic accounting functions.

3. Improved accuracy

Having less areas to fill in means you are less likely to make errors that can cost you time and money. This is so because these types of software often require just one figure for each transaction. This makes it easier to keep track of the task as well as to double check entries.

4. Quick access to management information

The state of your business finances is important because it will help you plan for the future as well as make wise decisions in the present. This means that being able to study things like your business’ cash flow, sales records and order invoices is important as well. Using a program like MYOB makes generating reports and invoices easy, so you do not waste time extracting and sifting through data in order to run reports.

5. Greater cost cutting

A computerised accounting package like MYOB offers up-to-date, accurate and easy to access financial information. This means that audit and accounting expenses will be much less than they are likely to be with a complex manual system that only you can readily understand.